La Petita Dimensió is an office for Interior Design, Architecture and Urban Strategies based in Barcelona and Bologna. It was established in 2010 thanks to the continued collaboration between the architects Susana Aristoy and Filena Di Tommaso.

We put conversation at the heart of our design process;
We seek to understand, re-discover and reimagine the existing assets of a place to deliver design solutions.

We look beyond the single object, moment or place.
We enhance our day to day practices.
We work interdisciplinary in the cross-field of art, design, architecture and education.
We share philosophy and know-how through workshops, guest professorships and lectures.

Our team is:

Susana Aristoy and Filena Di Tommaso as Senior Partner Architects & Creative Directors,
Silvia Bernad as Interior & Exhibition Designer,
Nuria Cagigal as Junior Architect, Lorenzo Sabbatani as Strategic Designer and
David Gómez as Building Engineer

La Petita Dimensió doesn’t work on its own. Our team is composed of architects and interior designers and engineers.  Furthermore, over the last 10 years we have expanded our permanent team with a stable network of top-level collaborators and consultants.

Our Consultants are:

Mobility management // SISPLAN // Lorenza Dell’Erba //
Architecture & Urbanism // Territori 24 //
Architecture & Management // Carolina Zoilo
Graphic design // Giuliana Fusco //  www. // Conrad Torras//
Photography // Es
ter Molera //
Project Management // Q-estudi // Marta Coedo //
3D Visualization // Carles Ros
Illustration & Muralism // Albert Àlvarez //
Animation & Motion Graphics // Felix Wölky //

Since 2010 they have collaborated on a range of interior design projects & communication:
Marta Raventós // Jordi Codina // Lara López // Nicole Ravasini // Jacqueline Ackermans // Carlota Sala // Ariadna Esteban // Juan de Dios Montalvo